Sacred Canopy is the online home for story guild resources. 

Story Guilds tell the stories of Jesus and Christian history through a mythic lens that carves a path through the human/god/earth quest for integration and meaning. 

The first story guild started in 1998 out of a Baptist Church in East Vancouver and has since been adapted by Catholic and Protestant church communities and in countries as wide-spread as Mexico and Kenya.  

The most recent story guild was launched in the spring of 2018 out of Canadian Memorial United Church in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Speaker and Storyteller

Sacred Canopy founder and storyteller, Tama Ward, is available to speak at religious and cultural events about the nearly forgotten dimension of sacred story to our social and individual well-being. 

Talks and workshops include: Sacred Story Deficit Disorder, Growing Old With Sacred Stories, Sacred Story as Guide Through Suffering and Loss, Finding and Telling Our Own Sacred Stories

Curriculum Options

Sacred Canopy offers two curriculum options for Sunday School programming, vacation Bible camps, or other children’s and intergenerational programming. 

  • Story Guild Manual provides the basics for starting your own story guild. 
  • Story Guild Annex offers one-off sessions adapting story guild methods for exploring the Christian story.

(Available Fall of 2020) 


Tama has been writing story guild scripts for twenty years.  From retellings of old Hebrew narratives – Adam & Eve, Noah & Atia (Noah’s imagined, unnamed, gutsy wife) to the wilderness wanderings (Manna, see image above) to the staging of Christian story – the initiation, miracles, trial, death and  resurrection of Jesus, and the conversion of Paul and other adventures and misadventures of the early church. 

She is currently developing a 12-year curriculum of scripts based on mythic storytelling themes and techniques to tell the Christian story (gospels & early church). 

(Years 1-3 available Summer 2020)

Feature Documentary

In the spring of 2014, LA based filmmaker, Holly Becker captured on camera all the ins and outs of a single story guild season – the behind the scenes moments with the cast and crew, interviews getting at what the kids were understanding as the story unfolded and the final production putting to stage the story of Jesus’ embrace of the excluded ones. 

Intertwined with a story guild season Becker’s feature documentary follows the exclusion experiences of two story guild participants – Marcelo Paco as a refugee kid from Mexico, and Ronnie Grigg in his work with addicts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Anticipated film release date, Fall 2019.


Come Join Us

The Burrard St. Story Guild runs Friday afternoons (3:45-5:15) as a program of Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace (1825 16th Ave, W.) in Vancouver, BC under the direction of story guild founder, Tama Ward. 

The Burrard St. Story Guild is working with new scripts (and the above mentioned 12-year curriculum) that explore the Christian story – gospels, early church and extra-biblical – through a mythic and archetypal interpretive lens alongside a theological one.