Leading With Stories

This 3-hour workshop explores how story is at the heart of the human experience and how stories, therefore, can provide a framework for leadership that transforms an organization’s understanding of itself and the context in which it is mandated to serve. Participants will be given tools to help their people find their common story. 

Where My Story and God’s Story Meet 

This day-long workshop is designed for churches or organizations interested in starting their own story guild program. All you need to start a story guild is three kids, a Bible and lots of imagination. Tap into Tama’s 25-years of experience in starting story guilds across denominations and around the globe. 

Tell Me the Old, Old Story: Aging With Bible Stories

This hour-long interactive devotional is designed for older adults who grew up with Bible stories or sacred stories from other religious backgrounds.  Learned in childhood, these stories are often deep in the spiritual DNA and are an untapped source of reassurance and memory-making. 

Sacred Story Deficit Disorder Keynote

What is lost when children are no longer exposed to sacred stories?  With anxiety on the rise are children being given the opportunity to trust that their stories are held in a much larger story?  In this hour-long keynote, Tama explores these questions and unpacks the difference a healthy sacred story tradition can make in the life of a child.   

Older Children and the Bible: 7 Practices Toward an Engaged, Curious and Open-Minded Encounter

By the time children enter middle grade they often lose trust or interest in Bible stories. This keynote and/or workshop explores practices for keeping older children from feeling like they’ve outgrown Bible stories. 

Living Inside God’s Story Sermon/Keynote

The Bible comes to us in story form? What is the significance of this and what difference does it make to the shape of our faith?  With her trademark approach of using stories to talk about story, Tama invites audiences to consider what it means for our stories to overlap with God’s Story.