“Frankincense, gold and myrrh aren’t the only gifts 12-year-old Isho will need on his quest to reach the Beloved Country. It’s a good thing Balta sent word to the Eastern Reach for the Sword of Pax, the Benders Bow, the Magic Mirror, the Shalom Stone, the Ever-After Flower, the Vanishing Rope, and the Hushing Harp so that each of Isho’s friends can help defend Census Region #9 from Western Territory’s jealous king, Magnus.”


“The annual Pilgrimage to the Capitol brings the ragtag band face to face with their arch rival, the grey dragon, Thew, but it is the people’s unquestioned devotion to the Nave Tradition that has Isho asking unwelcome questions. When the threatened Nave elders and the spiteful Empire collide around the “Isho problem” all seems lost. It’s only then that Isho receives his spirit orb and discovers the one thing that can turn everything around: a direct connection to the First Light.”