Sacred Canopy is the hub for story guild productions, story arts classes, docs, resources and Tama’s musings on her 30+ years working with children, imagination and the Bible. 

Stay tuned for upcoming dates as soon-to-be published materials are released to a wider audience.  

And in the meantime check out the onsite story arts and story guild opportunities at Canadian Memorial United Church on Vancouver’s westside where Tama serves as Minister of Children, Youth, and Families.  New participants always welcome. 

Story Arts School

A 5-year curriculum for middle grades that sets Bible stories against the backdrop of mythic elements from the times in which the Bible was set (i.e. Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Canaanite, Assyrian, and Greek). Participants engage music, art, and drama explore biblical narratives, expand the mythic imagination, nurture spiritual practices, develop emotional intelligence, and ground children and youth in an earth-centered, community-based, and open-minded spirituality.

Burrard St. Story Guild

Burrard St. Story Guild is a theatre arts program in Vancouver, Canada where children and youth are active participants in exploring and retelling the stories of the Jewish and Christian scriptures. 

The weekly program (Fridays, 3:45-5:30) includes community-building, feasting, theatre arts, music skills, stage craft, oral storytelling, prayer rhythms and working toward a full scale end-of-season production. 


LA filmmaker, Holly Becker, follows a story guild season as participants unpack the gospel of Luke against the backdrop of refugee housing and safe-injection sites in their neighbourhood.  Watch the full-length documentary, Great Power.  

A Different Script by Noonday Films is a documentary short in which 12-year old Taurean finds his place playing the part of Adam in story guild telling of Genesis 1-3. 

The Cure for Sunday School

Tama’s occasional blog, the Cure for Sunday School,  explores her 30+ years of working with children, biblical narrative and the imagination. 


Tama is available to speak at religious and cultural events about the relevance of sacred story to our individual and collective well-being. 

Talks and workshops include: Sacred Story Deficit Disorder, Growing Old With Sacred Stories, Sacred Story as Guide Through Suffering and Loss, Finding and Telling Our Own Sacred Stories